Learning Support

BFF is able to work on your child’s individual needs in the comfort of their own home. Siblings or friends with similar needs, according to their baseline assessments, could be accommodated in small group sessions. A fuel surcharge applies for sessions outside of the Cape Town City Bowl or Southern Suburbs. For busy parents, a pick-up service from school can be arranged for your little one. Learning Support sessions can take place online or in-person. If you prefer having the sessions at their school, we can contact the school to find out if they are willing to assist in this. Contact us for more information or if you would like to book a session.

School Visits

Would you like BFF to help your school’s students? BFF is able to work during or after school hours at your institution in accommodating students who seek extra support. Schools are more than welcome to contact BFF to arrange a collaboration.


BFF has a separate tutoring department for parents looking for qualified teachers to assist in grasping concepts currently taught in their classroom. Tutoring sessions can take place online or in-person.

Online English/Afrikaans
(As Foreign Language)

BFF offers online Afrikaans and English (as foreign language) support to both adults and children. Sessions are personalised and tailored to your specific needs.