Give Back

BFF has promised to provide academic support to the SA Children’s Home situated in Gardens, Cape Town. Unfortunately we are still a young and small company and our support is therefore limited. With your help, additional assistance can be provided.

Below is a wish list of items or ideas to help the SA Children’s Home academically.


  • Volunteer teachers:
    As little as 15 minutes a week of your time online
    (or in-person post lockdown)
  • 5 x Headphones (with built in microphones) – HIGH PRIORITY
  • Canon printing ink – Colour CL-446
  • A4 printing paper
  • A4 lamination sleeves
  • Play dough or play dough ingredients
  • 100 counters (bought or DIY) or counting blocks
  • 100 Counting frames
  • Jumbo chalk
  • Beginner level to tween & teen reading books (second hand welcome)

    SA Children’s Home Delivery Address:
    3 Ivanhoe St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
    Delivery Contact details: 021 423 1328

    For any other queries: 079 7200 441

    Please be so kind as to contact BFF if you have ordered any items for the home in order for us to update the list.

    Thank you so much for your support!