Does BFF have a cancellation policy?

Sessions can cancelled (if not yet paid for) or rescheduled free of charge up to 12 hours before the session is due to take place. Thereafter the full session fee applies, unless the reason for cancelling is due to illness or an emergency.

Is BFF taking protective measures against COVID-19?

Yes, BFF is taking the following safety precautions:
Sanitising hands before & after sessions, enforcing good respiratory hygiene & free rescheduling or conversion to online sessions if learners (or anyone they’ve been in contact with) show mild flu symptoms. BFF is currently encouraging all clients to opt for online sessions at this time.

How do online sessions work?

For online sessions, you need access to internet and Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded and installed for free on a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Tablets and PC’s are preferred for their bigger screens. Sessions are charged per hour, but broken up into 2 x 30 min. sessions on different days. This is to assist in keeping your child focused throughout the entire session. Longer sessions are available if preferred.

Is my child not too young for online sessions? My child struggles to concentrate.

BFF has successfully done online sessions with children as young as pre-primary level. We are qualified to support busy bodies and wandering minds. Our teachers are trained to read body language, encourage being active during the learning process and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible keeping your child’s viewpoint in mind. Hour sessions are split into 2 x 30 min. to help keep them focused. 

What is the difference between TUTORING and LEARNING SUPPORT?

Tutoring assists children in understanding work that they’re currently doing in class. No baseline assessment is required for this. This differs from the homework support (above) as it doesn’t cover specific homework tasks given by the child’s educator to complete. Instead, it covers current grade topics they would like to focus on, such as studying for an upcoming assessment.

With Learning Support, BFF first does a baseline assessment to determine where there are gaps in learning. This assessment is charged separately, once-off, before regular sessions can start. We then focus on “filling in the gaps”, identified by the baseline assessment, with our regular Learning Support sessions. In return, your child will have a more solid academic foundation and grasp future concepts with greater ease. This differs from tutoring as gaps identified to be “filled” are often not from the current grade & the main focus is on mastering the basics first before moving on to the next step.

How do you determine which academic “gaps” to work on during Learning Support sessions?

During the first meeting we will do a baseline assessment to determine the areas that need attention. This is NOT a stressful test. Your child will hardly even notice that they are being assessed. If possible, we’ll also contact your child’s teacher or therapists too to discuss which areas they think need to be focused on.

My child has already done an assessment. Can I send it to you instead of doing another one before Learning Support sessions start?

Our Baseline Assessment is unique and differs from child-to-child, depending on what the outcomes are that you’re striving towards. Each assessment is created beforehand and is not part of  a general, “one-size-fits-all” program. It is incredibly detailed, unlike most assessments provided by educational psychologists or by schools. For example, it will not only tell us which areas your child struggles in (like reading below grade level), but rather point out specifics (such as child does not know these specific phonetic sounds…). This way, we know exactly what to target during  sessions.

Where do sessions take place?

BFF is a mobile service. You decide where you would like us to go. We also have an online teaching service.

Which age group do you work with?

BFF focuses on pre-primary and primary school academic concepts. If your child is in high school, but has not grasped concepts on a primary school level yet due to gaps in learning, we are also able to assist. Due to the nature of Learning Support, we can also assist adults if they would like assistance in mastering their basic academic foundations.

My child has been diagnosed with Dyslexia/ADHD/ADD. Are you able to assist? 

Yes, we are able to provide academic support to those with barriers to their learning.

How can I find out if my child has made any progress?

By comparing and referring back to their Baseline Assessment, you are able to easily see if (and exactly where) progress has been made. You are more than welcome to ask for feedback at any time. 

In which areas are BFF services available?

BFF currently has teachers in Cape Town City Bowl District and the Southern Suburbs. We also cater to surrounding areas in-person. Our online sessions have no location restrictions.

Which languages can you support in?

English and Afrikaans

Do sessions continue during school holidays?

Sessions continue during school holidays, UNLESS you or the BFF teacher  requested otherwise. 

Do I pay per month or per week?

For Tutoring and Learning Support you can book as many sessions as you like and use them as you please. There is no rule. You can book single sessions or buy packages for a lower rate (5 or 10 sessions per package). You pay per package or per single session, not per month or week.

Why choose BFF over regular tutoring companies?

BFF only works with qualified teachers who have completed the minimum of 4 years required to obtain a Bachelor of Education degree. Most of our teachers have thereafter specialised with an additional honours degree in their field. This means they have been taught by experts how to fully support children with any type of learning barrier or to fully grasp the attention of a wandering little mind. We know the curriculum and know what your child’s teacher would expect from them. In fact, the majority of us are currently full time teachers with years of experience in the pre-primary and primary school field. Many other tutoring companies employ non-qualified staff such as students at low rates.

What are your fees?

Our Fees page will provide more information regarding our prices for Learning Support and Tutoring. Please note the above questions regarding our fee structure and to find out the difference between services.